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What is AáDE Trans?

AáDE Trans is one of India's boutique International Logistics & Freight Forwarding company. A member of many Freight Network groups with agents across the world in almost every country , we have a network of over 200 agents in 100 countries across the globe , thus providing the maximum coverage and logistical support to our clients .


Why AáDE Trans ?

What truly sets us apart from our competetiors is our customer centric focus and attention to details . We provide a personalised service to our clients 24x7x365 . We spend a lot of time to first understand our clients' requirements and then customise a Logistics setup for them . We do all this , while maintaining an edge via extremely competitive pricing through :

  1. Agency agreements with strong local partner in foreign countries.
  2. Anual contracts with Airlines & Shipping lines.
  3. Large client base.
  4. Consolidation of cargo to reduce costing.

More about us...

We are committed to solve Logistics & Freight Forwarding issues by organising , leading , controlling and optimising shipments and information flow which adds a unique value to our clients and provides the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

  1. Our team has a strong background in all Freight Forwarding services and shares a fantastic relationship with all suppporting carriers .
  2. We offer high value added services by coordinating with the suppliers abroad , keeping clients updated with the status of shipments and sending pre-alerts.
  3. With our corporate office in New Delhi , we have strategically established operations across India covering all important cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kanpur , Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Cochin, Hyderabad, Kolkatta and Ahmedabad .

More About Us

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